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Being Honest With My Ex


Being Honest With My Ex



Being Honest With My Ex is a podcast about feelings. It updates every Tuesday at 11pm AEST, 9am EST.

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About Us

My ex is SJ, better known as Honor Eastly. She is an artist and writer with a lot of feelings and a burning desire to share them with the world. She currently lives in Melbourne, where she owns zero cats. If she were a meteorological phenomenon, she'd be a rainbow. 

My ex is Peter C. Hayward. He is a full-time board game designer who wants to write sitcoms. He spent 5 years as a full-time erotica author, and currently lives in Toronto. If he were a dalmatian, he would be "Lucky". 

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Our other shows

We are busy folk. SJ does another podcast about art + money, called Starving Artist.

Peter does another podcast about his current relationship, called So This Is Love.


"If you enjoy a podcast that features a really unique relationship - two people who used to be very much in love - then listen to this podcast." 
-Erin McGathy, This Feels Terrible

"The duo – who are both writers – are often scarily candid about their thoughts on one another, their conversations packed with both vulnerability and wit. You start listening out of curiosity; you stay for the humour and the honesty.” 
-Urban Walkabout

"Quite possibly the most awkward podcast I ever listened to. It is awkward and painful and honest and very very interesting. They care about each other so much that they are willing to feel the discomfort to put this together - there are very few people who would do this." 
-Springs and Mr Geek

“Inspiring, intriguing, and absolutely hilarious.” 
“These guys are the power ex’s of podcast land.” 
“I just laughed and cried and thought and totally fell in love with those two people.” 
“It is, frankly, funny as fuck. I went for the voyeurism but stayed for the humour.”
-iTunes reviews