Things discussed this episode:

  • Little BetsThe Four Hour Work WeekThe Art of Non-Conformity - all books about lifestyle design and design thinking (that I’m warning, can sometimes be distinctly missing an awareness of or to, social / political context)

  • That Sexy Show - a sex-positive comedy game show that we did back in the day

  • Who Gives A Crap - social enterprise toilet paper company

  • Shebeen - Melbourne bar and social enterprise

  • Conflict Kitchen, started by Jon Rubin (who’s work SJ really digs)

  • Streat - social enterprise in Melbourne working with homeless people

  • Be Bangles - I feel bad about coming down so hard on this project and looking like an asshole (and also a hypocrite) I guess we’re all just trying to find the best way to do the right thing really

  • The Most Good You Can Do by Peter Singer

  • Guy who has made a pledge to donate half his income

  • - an organisation that does in-depth charity research to suggest what would be best to donate to

  • Dave Gorman - the man behind Are You Dave Gorman? And Googlewack Adventure

  • Global Fund for Women - organisation advocating for women’s rights

  • Sock company Odd Pears (turns out they do donate part of profits to charity!)

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