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But honestly, most people just start from the beginning and go from there. Peter gets less annoying, we promise.

An Abridged History of Being Honest With My Ex


September 2011
Peter & SJ meet in an improv class.

November 2011
The couple move in together, almost exactly two months after meeting. 

March 2012
Peter & SJ dip their toe into polyamory. It goes okay.
(Episode 30: Polyamory With My Ex)

September 2012
Peter starts making a living writing erotica.

December 2013
SJ spends the entire month freaking out about the proposal.

February 2013
Peter and SJ start exploring poly again. Peter starts dating someone. 

June 2013
The polysplosion ends. (Episode 32: Cheating On My Ex)


October 2011
SJ writes a song about Peter's broken penis.

December 2011
Peter has a penis operation. On his penis. (Episode 2: Genital-Based Medical Procedures With my Ex)

June 2012
SJ supports Peter as he attempts to make a living writing erotica.

November 2012
Peter proposes to SJ. (Episode 35: Proposing to My Ex)

January 2013
SJ spends another month freaking out about the proposal.

March 2013
The polysplosion begins. (Episode 31: Polysplosions With My Ex)

May 2014
Peter and SJ break up.







The Long Silence.







September  2015
Peter and SJ talk again for the first time in over a year.

December 2015
Being Honest With My Ex begins. (Episode 1: Introducing My Ex)